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Why Choose Life Bridge Kids?

We understand that mental health disorders create an enormous strain on families. and can be very debilitating for children. It is our belief that each patient is unique, and as such requires personalized, high-quality care; this conviction governs the entirety of Life Bridge's approach to treatment, and establishes the three standards we adhere to:

Exceptional Doctors

Life Bridge Kids employs only board-certified clinicians trained at highly accredited institutions only. Additionally, our doctors have a combined 45 years of previous clinical experience, with a substantial degree of that time spent treating children and families. These two factors ensure that our mental health specialists have the skills necessary to deliver the best possible care for our patients.

Direct Care

At Life Bridge Kids, our practice is 100% focused on our patients and not a third party. We are a direct care provider, meaning our treatments are not dictated by the policies of an insurance company. This opens up avenues for our clinic to provide all the care necessary for wellness, exploring a breadth of options a non-direct provider cannot.

Direct care companies are not restricted in the professionals they recommend, nor in the treatments they provide. Without an insurance company dictating its choices, a direct care company can advise upon the best course of action for its patients, allowing for better medical outcomes and less time spent "shopping" for effective treatments.

Even so, many insurance companies will reimburse all or a part of your visit via out-of-network benefits, allowing you to take advantage of your insurance without the limitations to your care.

Streamlined Patient Experience

With our clinic, you can say goodbye to long waits and rushed visits. We believe your time with us should be productive; time spent meeting with the doctor and not in a waiting room. By streamlining our patient experience, we ensure that your voice is heard, and your time isn't wasted. Even with these improvements to our process, we are uncompromising in our respect for the standards of excellent patient care. Our office space is structured with your comfort in mind, with exits leading directly from our treatment rooms to protect our patient's privacy. Additionally, we provide TeleHealth sessions, allowing us to connect with our patients and provide direct care without the need for an office visit.