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Psychological Testing

Child and Adolescent Psychological Evaluations are a vital first step in diagnosing a mental or developmental disorder. At Life Bridge Kids, we identify a vast array of psychological conditions that may interfere with mental wellness, including those that manifest during a child’s development. In addition to our mental health screenings, we provide Autism, ADHD, Psychoeducational, Developmental Delay, and Dyslexia evaluations. These evaluations typically take about 2 hours to ensure a correct diagnosis, which is vital in defining a patient’s condition and treatment planning. Additionally, we have the ability to assess children as young as 2 years of age, helping parents set their children up for success as early as possible.


Medication Management

Medication is sometimes necessary for treatment— we at Life Bridge Kids take a conservative approach to medication management, maintaining standards that prioritize a patient’s overall health and wellbeing. Too often patients visit a medical professional and leave with only a prescription. Our clinicians not only help their patients receive the proper dosage, but will monitor their progress closely, adjusting treatment to fit their needs. Our objective is to create a safe space where you can ask any questions about your treatment.



We understand that life is busy, and adding a commute to the mix is not always ideal. TeleMedicine can help you enjoy a more convenient approach to your mental health. Our mental health experts can perform either initial evaluations or follow-up appointments online, allowing you to engage in treatments from the comfort of your own home. Ask our staff about setting up your next TeleMedicine appointment today.


Genetic Testing

Your genes play a key role in the effectiveness of your medication— a treatment that works well for one person may not for another. At Life Bridge, we keep these factors in mind, and offer genetic testing to identify what medication works best for you. With this method, you can avoid medicine that doesn't work, or has unwanted side effects. Now, a process that used to take months of trial-and-error is streamlined with one simple test.



Making mental health a priority in our busy lives can be a headache. Psychotherapy, also known as Talk Therapy, helps get to the root of your struggles by building up the skills you need to live a healthier, freer life. At Life Bridge, we have a dedicated team of mental health experts to help you manage the complexities of the day-to-day. Our specialists are here to guide you on your path towards mental wellness— set up a consultation today to begin your healing journey.



Forensic psychiatry is a medical subspecialty where psychiatric knowledge is applied to legal issues. Oftentimes, a forensic psychiatrist is an expert witness in civil and criminal cases. This specialty encompasses both research and clinical practices, making their expertise essential in the realm of justice. Our forensic psychologist and psychiatrist address a wealth of concerns, including the validity of the insanity defense, gauging a defendant’s competency to stand trial, issues regarding child custody and visitation, and the complicated matters surrounding malpractice.